Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Revolutionary Road

...came out on DVD today. I have been really anxious to rent it since I saw previews last year, and you better believe I was at Hastings this afternoon.

What a movie.

I won't go into much detail out of consideration to those of you who haven't seen it (although you should) but it basically chronicles the deterioration of a relationship. In this case, a married couple, but I think it can be representative of any relationship.

Right now I'm just struggling with my reaction. I liked the movie, of course. Both actors had some of their more outstanding performances, in my opinion. But it makes me wonder. Can relationships really become so distorted and out of focus, or is it just theatrics? The reason I'm having such a hard time is because I believe the former. That as a broken human race, we are not capable of having a perfect relationship. In any context. And seeing it in that movie really breaks my heart.

It's scary and discouraging. At the same time, I realize that the attitude we should take on is not one of fear or demoralization, rather of hope and perseverance. Because although we are incapable of obtaining anything other than imperfect relationships, the Lord can move beyond our imperfections and reconcile those relationships to himself. It's just a matter of putting him in the center of them.

Easier said than done, huh?

That's not something I've mastered. Quite the contrary, if I'm being completely honest. But what does it look like, to have a perfect relationship?

The very essence of who God is gives us the prime example. The Trinity - the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Three in one. Three in perfect, untainted and unmarred relationship with one another. If man had not fallen, our relationships would still look just like that.

I suppose that's what we should aim for then. I couldn't tell you really where to start. Sometimes just the resolution is as good a start as any.


  1. Why don't you and Dobis try it out?

    It is hard. Look at Jon & Kate who looked like they had it all together. In our marriage counseling, we were told that Satan's number one goal is to break up our marriage. I believe that. God has to always be the center!!!!

  2. Such profound insight for a 20 year old. Your theories are spot on. It is the daily implementation of them, carried out in the reality of Fallen Babylon, that takes the Big C - COMMITMENT. Always remember that we were created by our Creator for one thing - to be in relationship - with Him and with each other. That is our #1 priority in this life we've been given - to build and nourish Godly relationships. And there is no more holy, fulfilling and needed relationship on earth than that of husband and wife. I pray for your future spouse daily - as I did for S & P - and, of course, for you to be the Godly woman who will be that Proverbs 31 mate to him. And I pray also for God's perfect timing in your relationship with this future man. May he be a hunka hunka burnin' love! Love you...

  3. we watched this movie last night. my! i was surprised how it turned out. i'm still not real sure how i feel about this movie. while i love the actors who played the characters, it was really hard to like the characters. however, i wonder how many people out there can identify with the characters from the movie...in search of something, anything to make life seem more worthwhile, feeling as though they have settled somehow for less than they should have...it is so easy for us though. we know that the answer to it all is right there before our very eyes...the source of all things happy :)