Friday, August 6, 2010

Now, I suppose, is an appropriate time

Summer 2010. Check.

I could upload pictures, I could search for eloquent words, I could write a novel.

Or, I could make a list.


(Bolivia [May 14-24])
-My Bolivian friends Ruber, Job Saúl, Wendy, Betsabet, Moises, Hernán, Wilfredo, Tomás, and Jonathan.
-The view from the top of the Andes Mountains.
-Being engulfed by kids every afternoon at the Clinic Registration desk... and putting stickers on all of their faces.
-Watching Brittany and Jordan in their element at VBS, loving on children exactly how they were made to.
-The smell of no showers for 10 days (actually... do I miss that?)
-The toothless smiles.
-Speaking Spanish ALL OF THE TIME.

(SIFAT [May 25-June 31])
-The Bunkhouse Porch and its unrivaled View of the Sun's Parting.
-Seeing the Milky Way and Shooting Stars on Hamp's blanket with my seven best friends.
-My Seven Best Friends (in no particular order, Hillary, Taylor, Hamp, Lauren, Leah, Bryan, and Carter).
-The Feel of Cool Creek Water on my ankles as I "forded it."
-Impromptu worship (through music) sessions.
-The Shield, our counselor Devotion Book.
-County Road 88! and all of my friends there.
-The Rush of Post-Dinner Global Village Prep on Tuesdays.
-Playing Baywatch every Thursday at Flat Rock.
-The Yellow Llamas: Sarah, William, Erin, Amanda, Cody, Michael, Brian, Will, Katelyn, Chris and Caleb.
-The Yellow Pumas: Jake, Annika, Luke, Parker, Haley, Alex, and Noah.
-The Yellow Jacket Jam Bombs: Adam, Janie, Haley, Marie, Porter, Brayden, Lauren, Shelby A, Shelby B, and Jack.
-The Yellow Fever: Forrest, Emily, Kirsten, Becca, Lou, Mason, and Maria.
-The Yellow Cobras: Danielle, Greg, Hannah, Kiana, Becky, Stephen, Amber, Sarah, and PICKLES.
-The Yellow Submarines: Madison, Taylor, Luke, Parker, Jackson, Mary Caitlyn, Victoria, and Andy.
-The mist over the fields in the Early Morning Time.
-My bunkbed.
-Seeing the way Hillary folded herself up during her sleep.
-The Floral and Polka Dot coffee mugs Lauren and I drank from each morning.
-Shaving legs at Old Aldea every Sunday with Carter & the Quintards.
-Dance parties to our favorite songs in the Caf and in the Quonset Hut.
-The incredible Food prepared by our one and only Miss Lola Mae Wright.
-John the Gardener and all of his beautiful gardens.
-Fresh veggies every Village Day.
-Mary the nurse and the squeaky laugh and her lisp.
-Laura the photographer/videographer and her fake cry/vom.
-Mountain Man Dave Corson and his immense knowledge of everything.
-Nate the Great, and sitting around listening to him play guitar.
-Raphael, my Nigerian brother, and his smile.
-Vicky and her mealworms.
-Flex Staff 4eva.
-Waking up bright and early every morning, not wasting the day.
-The walk to and from the Market on Village Day because it marked a pivotal point each week.
-The phone game.
-Enjoying blueberries right off the bush.
-The Aaron Carter dance.
-The regularity of my bowels - always after morning devo (tmi?).
-Mexico Lindo ¡y Que Rico!
-Praying with the counselors before we gave our talks.

Someone this summer described SIFAT as a "thin place," meaning that the distance between you and God is thinner there than other places. This is what I loved most, and will miss most. The simplicity. Life with fewer distractions. Life where you don't have to always be making time to encounter God. It's impossible to go a day, an hour, a minute, there without meeting Him. Back in "the real world" it's not the same.

Which leads me into the topic of my next post (for another day, soon): what God taught me that has changed me irreversibly.

(If you're reading this, I'm sorry. This is mostly for my own benefit. I don't want to forget anything about my summer. However, if you are, let this simply be a testament to God's faithfulness and provision. He is good, all of the time, and even when I was unfaithful, my faithlessness does not nullify the faithfulness of God, and He continued to move and to tie up my loose ends. He moved in the most incredible of ways the whole summer long. All praise and all honor and all glory be to Him.)

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