Monday, August 31, 2009

Start of something new (cue Zac Efron)

Okay - I'm starting something new, and I am really excited about it!

I love lists, and I love music. It hit me that if I combine the two, I would have lists of music (novel, huh?). Now, it's also one of my favorite things to share music with people and advocate artists who, in my humble opinion, are worthy of said advocacy. Put all of this together, and you have Leigh's Weekly Picks. 

From now on, each Monday, I'll post a little list of what I've been listening to recently, and hopefully, someone will take my word and check out something good. 

NOTE: I by no means consider myself an expert, just one who appreciates.

Also, I am a huge proponent of iTunes Music Store, and would encourage everyone to get their music through here, or in stores. DO NOT DOWNLOAD ILLEGALLY - PLEASE! You are doing the musicians a disservice, and to be frank, piracy doesn't stand up morally. So, keep that in mind, sweet friends :) 

Let's get this started, shall we?

Leigh's Weekly Picks:

1. The entire album The Outsiders - NEEDTOBREATHE
This album was recently released on August 25, 2009. With 14 songs, it is an album that you can easily put on loop and listen to several times through without getting bored or having to deal with a single "dud" track. My personal favorites: 'Something Beautiful', 'Prisoner', 'Girl Named Tennesse', 'The Outsiders', and 'Hurricane'.

2. Be Here Now - Ray Lamontagne
A very soothing, marine-like feel. His voice sneaks in and out of the music, making this wonderful study music.

3. Catch My Disease - Ben Lee
An honest guy with a cool accent. Such a great feel good song that will put a little bounce in your step and a little smile on your face.

4. Feeling Good - Michael Buble's version
If anyone can sing, it's Michael. With a jazzy brass edge to this classic song, MB brings it to the forefront of many of my Happy Playlists.

5. Plan B - Mute Math
This is one of my favorite jam-out-in-the-car songs.

6. Romulus - Sufjan Stevens
With a sweet banjo line, you're in for a real treat with this song. His voice is soft and sweet, and can serve has great background music on a fine evening.

7. Infancy of Us - Eliot Morris
I first heard Eliot Morris, also known as the lead of Parker's Back, in the 9th grade, opening in Auburn for a Sugar Ray concert. Don't judge, it was free. Anyway, I knew immediately that I liked his music, and bought his cd the next morning. This ballad is acoustic and honest and beautiful.

8. In Other Words - Ben Kweller
Old, but still amazing, and definitely one of my favorite piano songs.

9. November was white, December was grey - Say Hi
Has a beautiful syncopated beat. The vocals are warm and sometimes slurred in a cool way.

10. Your Love Never Changes - Paul Wright
His style is reminiscent of Shawn McDonald, but perhaps a bit more upbeat and poppy. This song will have you singing along and dancing in no time.

Hope you enjoy this music! Tune in next time ;) for another round of Leigh's Weekly Picks!


  1. I've never heard any of these songs. I'm such a loser in your eyes :)

  2. I was thinking the same thing Sarah said. If I type these titles into itunes, will these songs play? I so want to be a cool mom! Thanks for all the work you did to get this list compiled and I look forward to Monday's and Leigh's Weekly Picks! Love you!