Thursday, August 20, 2009

Starting Again

A new semester. I can't believe it. My junior year in college has commenced. It sounds old, but I don't feel old.

ROOMIES! Rachel, Emily, Natalie and me

Well, things have gotten off on the right foot. Recruitment this year was great. I think every sorority had such a great year, and I'm definitely satisfied with ADPi's new pledge class. We had four Auburn girls find their home with us - Katelyn Boston, Anna Marie Harris, Landrum Isaacson, and Shelby Selman - and I couldn't be more excited! The rest of the class is just as wonderful.

Katelyn's first diamond picture
Ice Water Teas!

All the ADPi's that live in the Castle
Favorite sophomores

Recruitment was also so great because I got to know a lot of girls in my sorority who I'd never really known before. AND I finally saw my roommate from last year, Lauren Keith, who I hadn't seen since January!

Lauren and me :)
Some Auburn girls!
Rachel, La, me and JLee
With my big, Camilla, on her last bid day!

As for classes, I'm taking 17 hours. SEVENTEEN! I've only ever taken 15, so this will be a new adventure, no doubt. I've got Microbiology, Biochemistry I, Statistics for Biological and Health Sciences, Spanish Syntax, and Music Appreciation. With two labs, of course.

I've got a good feeling about this semester. It feels different, that's for sure. Not living on campus is playing a huge role in this feeling. I do love walking to class. I sometimes sweat a lot, but that's okay.

There are also several new things on my plate for this fall. Most of which come from AUMC College Ministry - with Dive and small groups. I'm looking forward to all of it. Lana and I are still leading our sweet d-group girls, who are juniors in high school now. Way crazy.

Well, that's the update! Hope to post again soon :)

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  1. love all the pix. you are so beautiful in all of them. i'm so proud of you! I love you and so does God!