Saturday, May 23, 2009

Can I Help You?

DISCLAIMER: I am not violating HIPAA by posting the pictures in this blog because they were not taken by me, rather I found them on the internet, as examples.


I'm definitely a night owl, but as the clock strikes 11:00 on this Saturday night, I am in bed and dozing off already. Why? I just had my first day of work - 7a to 7p!

I started today at EAMC (East Alabama Medical Center) on the 3rd floor. The 3rd floor is the women's department which includes Labor & Delivery, Mother-baby, and Pediatrics. It's actually a perfect job for me because I just LOVE LOVE LOVE little kids.

Right now, I'm working the desk. My job is greeting patients and visitors, controlling traffic between the three departments, and monitoring the HALO infant security system. Hopefully in a few weeks, I will start training to be a tech on the floor in the Mother-baby unit. This will include taking infant and mother vital signs, bathing the infant, transporting the infant between room, nursery, etc.

Still, my desk is not far from the nursery window, so every now and then, I made my way over and just admired the little ones for a bit - felt like Grey's Anatomy or something!

Although my 12 hour shift was at times boring and not really physically demanding, it sure was long and took a lot out of me. Not to mention I went straight to a babysitting job after! But I am very excited about my new employment with EAMC (a company which has been named in Forbes as being in the Top 100 Companies to work for in the US 2 years in a row!). I am elated to be in a medical environment. Even after one day on the job, my choice in a career path was completely affirmed. I love it!

Just thought I would share with you!

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  1. All those newborns just make me want to come up there and get my hands on them! That is until they start crying and pooping! So glad you love the job already. You're perfect for it!