Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Lydia Dance-a-thon Photoshoot

A new story, to whet your appetite for my newest blogging adventure.

Today, Lydia and I are watching TV while we have pizza for lunch, and the Swiffer commercial comes on. Now, I don't know if you've seen the newest advertisement they're employing, but at one point, the estranged mop is outside in the rain, while the song, "Don't you want me, baby?" plays.

If you don't know Lydia, she has a knack for picking up melodies and lyrics unnaturally quickly. True to her nature, she immediately begins singing along. So I join in, and by the end of the commercial, we have choreography and everything.

This inspired me.  So, later in the afternoon, while I am studying up in my room, Lydia comes in all hyped and ready for another dance session. I turn on my iTunes, and Big Lyd just starts to go for it. I had to capture the moments.



  1. Exactly what I've been waiting for! Love the title and the layout. Very creative! And what a perfect first post! Only an actual video with audio could be next! Right? Keep the posts coming! And if you ever need a 'guest' contributor - well, I'm just downstairs - anytime! Love you - Mom.

  2. So glad you're back!!! I've missed your daily posts about your life. I look forward to hearing all about what's new and exciting about you. Love ya.