Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Day Late

But 10 celebration songs the richer!

Sorry for my lack of posting yesterday. I don't have an excuse, really, except I wasn't home much. However, in light of all the birthdays going on around this apartment (Emily's 21st on Sunday and Rachel's 20th tomorrow) here's a brief list of the soundtracks we've made to our festivities:

1. I Gotta Feeling - The Black Eyed Peas
So I'm not really up on the latest pop music, but our fourth roommate, Natalie, keeps me in line. This is her theme song right now. I must say, it's catchy :)

2. Circus - Brittany Spears
I definitely never listened to this before Sunday, when Emily insisted it be played at the party! It's ridiculous, but nonetheless a fun song to just let loose to.

3. Party in the U.S.A. - Miley Cyrus
Because this teen queen knows how to do it right... ?

4. Diva - Beyonce
Because she wears insane 'sunglasses' in this music video.

5. Single Ladies - Beyonce
Because she can dance in ways no other human on the planet is capable of.

6. Paranoid - Jonas Brothers
Hanson, round two. And Emily's obsession :)

7. Don't Forget - Demi Lovato
Natalie's favorite tween star, this song is often played in E201. We like Demi because she's got real talent and actually plays her own music.

8. The entire album Unidos Permanecemos - Hillsong United
Yes, this is Hillsong. In Spanish. Because we all love to be culturally educated.

9. The Way I Feel - Matt Wertz
We love each other, and we can't help the way we feel about each other. So we express it through (listening to) music. Also, this song is just wonderful.

10. Human - The Killers
Great for a Castle Rave.

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